Vic Viper (Sky Girls version)

I had heard absolute horror stories about this kit by Atelier Sai, that it was not properly snap-fit, was made of plastics that can't be glued with modelling glue, that parts needed a lot of attention to fit properly, that paint didn't stay on, etc. etc. etc. All of the above is true to some extent, but the kit is not as terminally awful as some people say. It is true that Atelier Sai's attempt at creating a snap-fit kit is an abyssimal failure, but this should not scare away a real modeller. It is true that one sprue is unfortunately made of ABS, and another one of some soft plastic that isn't styrene, but the other sprues are styrene and glue well. The parts are indeed not of great quality, which is pretty common for short-run kits by small manufacturers (Atelier Sai is primarily a resin kit manufacturer), require a lot of clean-up and some hand-fitting, but nothing that is impossible to overcome. The major assemblies are sound, nothing is warped beyond recognition, and no parts are truly misdesigned. The paint issue can be solved by washing the two sprues concerned prior to assembly. My personal complaints are as follows: 1) clear orange sprue needs to be painted mostly red, 2) light yellow sprue for Sonic Divers is impossible to glue, even with superglue (!), 3) joints from light yellow sprue tend to fall apart, 4) no proper paint instructions (color mixes!), no pictures show underwing bombs/fuselage tanks, 5) pilot figure is awful and doesn't fit in cockpit.

The fuselage assembly and painting can be simplified by cutting through the square brackets holding the nosecone and weapon pods in place. This allows one to paint these assemblies separately and then slide them together. The various assemblies require quite a bit of putty and sanding before being ready for painting. I went for a clean, CG look.

Small and large Sonic Diver Units are included. The small one is rather lacking in detail, while the large one suffers from the weird yellow plastic used and also is not in the same scale as the Fujin Sonic Diver I built earlier.