Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Nurse

Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Nurse are two secondary characters from Masamune Shirow's manga Appleseed (although in the case, of the nurse, it's more a background character). A somewhat strange selection of characters was produced as B-Club kits, apparently based more on character design sheets than actual scenes from the manga. The kits are not particularly accurate. In the case of this particular kit, Dr. Matthew's sculpt make him look several years older than he seems in the manga, while Ms. Nurse's face seems a bit off-model.

I was not able to find any color illustrations of the two characters, and B-Club's instructions were also unhelpful, so I improvised the colors based on how other characters in the Appleseed series are colored. For Ms. Nurse, who is a cyborg, I let myself be inspired by Briareos' 'tanned' coloring. For Dr. Matthew, I tried to imagine which colors he would choose for his clothing. The lab coats actually have some subtle shading going on, that isn't visible in the pictures. I gave Ms. Nurse a tablet showing patient statistics. Both characters' hair was quite a challenge. Ms. Nurse has this feline-like coloring that several of Shirow's female characters have going on, while Dr. Matthew obviously is an older man, but not so old he would have fully white hair. I chose to use a layered approach, using several shades (white, silver, black) dry-brushed on top of each other. The eyes were another challenge, as my previous attempts at anime eyes were on 1/35th scale figures and not particularly great. For Ms. Nurse, I followed an eye-painting tutorial in an old Hobby Japan magazine and tried to match what was shown in the illustrations on the box. Although a bit shaky, I am quite pleased with my first try at real anime eyes. For Dr. Matthew, I had a bit of trouble to paint on the spirals on his glasses and had to start several times over. It's hard to not be shaky.

I have no clue what the tool Ms. Nurse is leaning on exactly is, nor does the instruction sheet (it only has a question mark). Let's call it a 'cyborg redressment tool'...