Yohko Asagiri (1/12)

My first 12th scale figure is Yohko Asagiri from "Leda: Fantastic Adventure of Yohko", an anime which dates back to the 1980s and which can be found on Youtube (and other places). This figure is part of a double kit by Nitto, and comes in a rather nicely designed box.

Prior to assembly, I soaked the parts in water with a fairly high concentration of dishwashing liquid overnight, as the plastic is rather greasy. I also sanded the parts to remove all molding lines, and had to use a little bit of putty to get rid of some sink marks. Yohko's assembly was without snags. I pinned her like I would have pinned a resin kit, even though she's made from a rather soft brownish plastic, as none of the parts have locator tabs molded into them. Here I made one error, as one of the legs isn't aligned entirely correctly.

Painting was mostly without trouble, although my attempt to tone her flesh parts a little bit didn't entirely work out as intended and left her with some rough patches of skin (which isn't visible in the pictures). Colors used are (1) fleshy bits: Tamiya flesh with some white added, less exposed parts painted using the same mix with some more white, (2) hair: left-over of the candy red I mixed for another kit, with some shading using a 1:1 Tamiya flat red + gloss orange mix, (3) armor: medium blue mix I used on my Neo Gundam, Tamiya flat black, and Tamiya gold for the details, crystals are Tamiya titanium silver covered in Tamiya clear red, (4) sword: Tamiya titanium silver for the blade, XF-66 light grey for the handle, crystals as above, (5) base: Tamiya deck tan + the aforementioned mix of Tamiya flat red and gloss orange + titanium gold for the lettering. The kit fortunately includes decals for the eyes.