Yohko Asagiri and Air Bike Steed (1/20)

The other half of Nitto's "Leda: Fantastic Adventure of Yohko" kit includes a small figure of Yohko riding her Air Bike.

Like the large scale Yohko's parts, small-scale Yohko's parts need to be washed thoroughly before building. I washed them twice, as the parts seemed even more greasy than those of the previous kit. The parts also need sanding and filling (more so than the other kit).

Although assembly of the air bike is fairly easy, there are a few points of attention. Firstly, the engine part does not fit nicely into the rear of Air Bike Steed and it's possible to look straight into the Air Bike's interior. I fitted a piece of styrene into the gap, covering the hole, and glued the engine part to the piece of styrene. Then the whole area was painted flat black. The landing gear (the two assemblies alongside the fans) can not be assembled as shown on the box, because the two thin linkages are slightly too long. I fixed this by cutting off the circle-shaped ends. The base included with my kit was warped. To straighten it, I glued it to a piece of 2mm thick styrene. Finally, the front fuselage needs a lot of filling and needs to be carefully aligned with the rear fuselage to ensure Yohko can properly ride the bike. This alignment issue is complicated due to the lack of locator tabs on Yohko herself, requiring careful test fitting before assembly. I decided to first paint most parts, and only assemble everything later on. Unfortunately, it turned out that I didn't test fit Yohko's parts onto Air Bike Steed well enough, and I ended having to pin the various parts of the figure and doing a lot of filling with putty and scrap styrene sheet around the hips. I also ended up having to scratch-build a new sword handle because I lost the original part.

For Yohko, I used the same colors as for her larger version. For Air Bike Steed, the instructions suggest using a orangy-red color as the main color, which looks a bit bland. Instead, I mixed some Tamiya titanium silver, a bit of gloss red, and some clear red to obtain a pink-red (salmon?) metallic shade. The innards of the engine fans were painted straight titanium silver. Details were added using Tamiya flat black, metallic brown and a wash of clear smoke. The base was painted with Tamiya buff, wooden deck tan and flat brown with a few drops of gloss red added.