Type 3 Chi-Nu Medium tank

The Fine Molds kit for the Type 3 Chi-Nu tank as depicted in the anime "Girls und Panzer". I added Fine Molds' photo-etched set for this tank, and replaced the vinyl tracks by Vision Models' IJA Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank Workable Track Set, which also fits this model (you'll need all the individual track links!). Both of these option sets were not easy to work with. For some reason Fine Molds' PE fret is made out of steel instead of a softer metal, making bending the parts an absolute chore (several parts ended up breaking before bending). Vision Models' track set is "glue-free", which is all fine and dandy during assembly, except that the lack of glue means the tracks will fall apart later on (so I had to glue them anyway). The tank kit itself is fine, despite having a lot of ejection pin marks that need filling. It's possible to build it with all doors open, and the PE set provides parts to increase the interior detail of the doors. I didn't do so, because the tank has no interior to speak of, and there is no interior set available from a third manufacturer.