T34/76 (1943 prod. Mod.)

This is Tamiya's old T34/76 kit done up as the T34/76 as it was shown in the "Girls und Panzer" anime. The kit was upgraded using an Aber rear grille set and Modelkasten workable plastic tracks. The Aber grille set tries to emulate the real tank's rear grille assembly, meaning I found it difficult to assemble in 1/35 scale (and of course ended up damaging it). The Modelkasten tracks were very easy to work with, even if assembly was rather time-consuming. However, every single track link has a part number molded onto it, which had to be cut and filed off x_x; I modified the kit to match the animated tank's looks more closely; the Girls und Panzer "Achtung" mook, which has large and detailed pictures of many of the tanks, came in handy. For the antenna I used a piece of 0.5 mm steel piano wire. I still made a few errors that could have been avoided. For the paint, I chose to follow Tamiya's advice: first the tank was painted green, and then I used a flat brush to apply flat white in what I hope is a fairly realistic manner. The logos are not painted on, but are decals from Modelkasten's Girls und Panzer decal sheets.