IJA Type 89 Medium Tank Model Kou

Again, one of Fine Molds "Girls und Panzer" kits. I added the optional metal barrel and Modelkasten's workable track set. If I only mentioned the ejection pin marks on my first Fine Molds kit in passing, this kit was considerably worse. The kit has very fine detail and molding...and a bazillion ejection pin marks in really inaccessible places. I had to fill such marks on over 50 (50 !!!) parts. The kit comes with a rudimentary interior, but again not enough to build it with all doors open, which is too bad because it has very nice detail on the guns inside the turret. Modelkasten's track set is again easy to assemble, sans annoying part numbers molded onto the parts this time, but unfortunately the tracks become too long if you use the number of track links specified by Modelkasten. I only discovered this when putting on the fully assembled tracks. The decals that go onto the sides of the drivetrain needed a lot of Microsol to get into shape. But everything turned out alright.