Dira Noth

The Dira Noth is the fourth Acrobunch kit that I built, and the one I modified most. As the picture shows, the legs are located strangely, meaning the kit cannot reproduce the stance shown on the box. This had to change. Furthermore, the kit has a lot of seams and fit problems.

To allow the Dira Noth to take the stance shown on the box, I cut the hip mechanism out of the body, for reconstruction and later reassembly. I then removed the feet from the legs using a small saw, after which I removed some more plastic from the legs so I could add functional ankles.

The feet were then rebuilt to actually look like shown in the box art. The hips were modified to allow the two rear legs to take an A-stance. I used polycaps for the ankles.

I'm quite pleased with how the kit turned out.

(Don't ask me how this thing is supposed to walk...)