Falcon Bancher

The Falcon Bancher kit is part of a series of three kits that together form a transformable version of Acrobunch. Because it is transformable and Acrobunch' shape changes a lot in the anime, none of the two modes are accurate. Since I lack the other kits, I decided to build it in jet mode. It has two problems that need to be resolved. Firstly, the wings are in the wrong position: they are too far to the front. This is simply resolved by cutting off the pegs with which the wings attach. However, the whole nose of the Falcon Bancher is completely the wrong shape, as can be seen by comparing the box art and the instruction sheet below.

I assembled the nose first and then cut off the canards, before cutting up the whole nose and completely modifying it using plastic sheet. After sanding the putty smooth I was left with what's shown in the pictures.

Not perfect, but a lot better. I then widened the original canards using plastic sheet. The picture below shows the difference in nose length between the modified nose and the old nose.

I also sliced off the pegs holding the shoulder blocks in place, and removed the complete transformation mechanism. I then painted the various components and glued them together using the box art as a guide. I made a small base from a plank. The result is quite pleasing.