Bancher Hornet

I considerably modified this kit. Originally, the kit is meant for building a transformable version of the Bancher Hornet, which due to Aoshima's simplified transformation means the kits looks horrible in car mode. Since my build would omit the ability to transform anyway, I tried to get it as close to the box art as possible without having to resort to completely redesigning the whole kit.

I started by removing all the pegs on the various parts, then sawed off the lower half of the rear of the car and test fitted the various parts.

The next step was to glue this together as far as possible and fill the holes with putty, followed by a lot of sanding and reapplication of putty until everything was as desired. I rotated the air intake on top of the engine 180 degrees because that looks better. I also scratch-build the air intake in front of the engine.

I then painted the car in its primary colors. The bottom was painted entirely flat black.

Finally I applied the decals by following the box art.