Great Mightgaine Perfect Mode

This may very well be a depiction of Great Might Gaine's Perfect Mode, this kit is one of the worst injection kits I've ever built. The kit has extremely bad detail, ill-fitting parts, polycaps that either aren't held tightly in plastic parts or don't hold plastic parts tightly, and too much articulation for its size, leading to a floppy mess that won't stand up or keep together unless serious modifications are made. Most of the surfaces are not smooth, instead having a weird kind of texture to them, as if the mold they were cast in was not finished properly. Hard to believe this kit was designed in the late 1990s.

These images show what happened after test-fitting the more important assemblies. After this, the ball joint for the head broke off (did I mention the plastic is really fragile and soft?), so I replaced it with a small one from Hobby Base. Everything was sanded and reinforced until it fit together better and tighter. All of the gold plating was full of scratches and other problems, so it was sanded off and replaced by gold Bare Metal Foil. After painting and assembling the kit parts, Might Gaine still listed and fell over, so I superglued all of the leg joints. Turned out decent considering how much of a steaming pile of turd the kit actually is.

If you're wondering why the shoulder cannon is sitting at an angle: the neck joint and the joint for the shoulder cannon are too close together, so there's really only room for either the cannon or the head, but not both...

It includes three additional hands: