HAW-206 Prototype

On first sight, this kit is very nice, being snap-fit and with quite a bit of detail. Unfortunately, it suffers from a few design issues. Several assemblies are badly thought out:

There is a detailed cockpit. The cockpit hatch is so small a to-scale pilot could never enter it. The proportions seem to be off a little bit. A reoccurring issue with some of Kotobukiya's injection kits... In general, the detail is lacking when compared to the line-art. For the price of the kit I expected more.

The cockpit

The cockpit during assembly. Most of this detail will be invisible once the kit is completed. Still I painted it, and I'll know it's there on the completed kit.

The completed kit

The kit includes a little stand to prevent the tail from drooping.

Alternate hands and feet:

Braincase and transmitter thingie. Both seem undersized.

This is all that is visible of the cockpit once the kit is completed: