Neo Gundam

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out - painting skills are slowly improving. Build straight out of the box mostly, with some skirt parts filled. Some oopsies are visible, mostly due to not paying attention while glueing the skirt armour parts to the clips holding them in place.

Colors used (all Tamiya): white = flat white with three drops of XF-4 blue, blue = mix of sky blue and flat blue with some drops of other colors thrown in, yellow = flat yellow lightened with flat white, red = flat red + gloss orange 1:1, green = X-28 park green, gunmetal = XF-84 dark iron. Panel lines using a Gundam panel line marker. Shield painted with Tamiya clear green and clear orange.

Light sabers and retracted shield:

Core fighter:

Core fighter docked with G-BRD:

Time to dock the core fighter:

Neo Gundam with docked core fighter, holding G-BRD: