In the world of Patlabor, the Schaft Enterprises Europe (or S.E.E. for short) Brocken is a mass-produced European military Labor normally serving on the East-European front in Russia illegally imported into Japan to serve as the Defenders of the Earth's primary assault weapon against the capitalisto-imperialistic military-industrial complex (exemplarified by the destructive crushing of mom and pop stores who are clearly the agents of the tyranical government). Alternatively, it serves to obtain real combat data against the Patlabor for Schaft Enterprises Japan's secret monstrous Griffin Labor prototype by suckering the rather dim hippie ecoterrorists of the Defenders of the Earth movement into performing bicycle-led patrol car smashing expeditions into the city of Tokyo with a gas-guzzling highly polluting humanoid robot. Ahem.

Kaiyodo's sculpt of the Brocken is pretty much spot-on, a highly dynamic and menacing brute with a rounded, no nonsense design that somehow looks very Teutonic, ready to lay down some prime uppercuts. The kit is made from fairly hard vinyl, which gave me some minor assembly problems, which were solutioned by cutting off more vinyl than indicated in the instructions. I filled the legs with plaster for stability (and heft). Painting consisted of lots and lots of pre-shading and dry-brushing. I'm pleased with the result ^_^.