Griffon Aqua Type

I'm not enthousiastic about this kit. Firstly, it suffers from the same 'glossy surface, brittle plastic'-issue as my Ingram 2, causing various parts to crack during assembly. Secondly, the arms can be removed like in the actual series, but rely on very tiny tabs to be locked in place. Of course, I broke one of these tabs, meaning one of the arms had to be glued into place. Finally, something is wrong in the proportions, especially in the legs. The Griffon is supposed to be quite bulky, yet not much larger than the Ingram and still quite sleek. The model is off-model and also too tall, which can be seen in the final picture on this page. I finished the model in Tamiya flat black and yellow green.


Cockpit detail:

All of the 1/35 Patlabor kits I've built until this point: