MBT-90D Mazurka

The MBT-90D Mazurka is the standard army tank for the army of the unnamed country Centinel City belongs to. It is armed with a fixed 155mm cannon and has a turret with a 30mm gattling gun, a flare launcher and two deployable missile launchers armed with heat seaking missiles. It takes a crew of two, one driver and one gunner. The most unrealistic aspect of this tank is the fixed main cannon. To aim it, the whole tank needs to be repositioned. This might explain why these tanks were quickly dispatched by the Temjin in the animated movie ;).

The Aoshima kit is excellent for a kit from 1982, with a lot of action features and a fully detailed interior. It has proper panel lines and great surface detail. The kit allows the builder to depict any situation shown in the anime, and even comes with a leaflet showing the line art for the anime (including the destroyed Mazurka used in the pursuit of the Temjin). Various panels and hatches can be put in open or closed position, the turret can rotate, and the missile launchers can open and close. However, the kit has three problems:

  1. It is possible to look through the kit, because the interior walls don't reach to the top half of the bodywork. The turret also lacks internal walls, meaning the gattling gun internals can be seen. I fixed this with plasticard.
  2. The turret is the wrong shape. This means that if this was a real tank and the missile launchers were deployed, they would launch the missiles straight into various bits of the turret. Since fixing the turret shape was too complicated, I decided to build some new hinges for the launchers that raised them above the rest of the turret. This also fixes another issue, namely that the included missile launcher hinges don't work as intended by Aoshima. I also removed some material from the peg for the turret's search light, so the search light could be lowered by about 1 mm. The missile launchers themselves need a bit of work around the rear area, due to a part that's just too large that needs to be cut down, after which some filling is required. The included line art is a great help in getting this right.
  3. A third problem that isn't immediately apparent is that the turret cannot fully rotate when installed because part of the interior interferes with the turret mechanism. Unfortunately, I only discovered this during final assembly, so I glued the turret to the rest of the tank after cutting out part of the mechanism and taking some interior pictures.

I also glued all of the other action features into place, as I build models to be models, not toys.

Interior pictures:

Exterior pictures:

Despite the issues mentioned, building this kit was a true pleasure, as everything else fits as intended, even the vinyl tracks.