MBT-99A Temjin

The MBT-99A Temjin is the futuristic robot tank that goes crazy in the Technopolice movie. The kit is very good, having all of the detail that the Mazurka has and more. It isn't possible to look through the tank, and the turret rotation doesn't have any problems. So why only "very good" and not "excellent"? Unfortunately, it has a few major problems that the Mazukra lacks. Firtsly, the tracks don't fit. Actually, they do fit, but the axles for the outer drive wheels are in the wrong position, ensuring that 1) the tracks are too short, and 2) the tracks hit the bodywork. I only discovered this as I was assembling the tank, and had to break off the axles to relocate them. Another problem is with the tracks themselves. On the Mazurka the track ends are melted together in two places during assembly; on the Temjin in only one (and it fits badly). The grenade launchers on the turret are also problematic. The frames that are supposed to hold them in place are the wrong shape and need to be recreated from plastic sheet. Besides these issues, the Temjin needs only a little work to look good: I had to add some inner panelling to the air intakes and glueing on the side skirts isn't the easiest of all jobs; it needs to be done in mutltiple steps.

Interior pictures:

Exterior pictures:

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