Raiden Black Onyx

Review I wrote for the Virtual-On Forum at

"This kit has some issues that it likely shares with Wave's other Raiden injection kits.

The kit is a good representation of Raiden, but does lack some detail that is featured in the box-art. Both shoulder lasers can deploy, but they are a bit floppy once deployed. The wrists feature a neat sliding system that allows the right hand to extend to better hold the bazooka (which sadly does not fit properly in the hand, so you'll need to shave some plastic off the hand). I had some trouble properly assembling the shoulders, as there's a flat plate-like polycap that is used in the laser-deployment system that needs to be pushed into its mounting holes properly. And that takes some fiddling. Another minor problem is that the ankles are a bit tall. A more serious problem is that Wave screwed up the alignment of the pegs and holes in the legs . The upper legs can be corrected with some putty and sanding, but the halves of the lower legs are off by 1 mm or so. So I sliced off the pegs and glued the leg halves together (same with the knee caps). I also had to sand the lower arms to make everything fit a bit better. Articulation is quite good, but Wave's polycaps do not hold poses very well (especially the ball joints).

Although the kit has a chrome finish that is good enough in general, parts will require touch-up because of the places they were attached to the sprues. This is not much of a problem if you have gloss black and gold paint. Obviously, the legs required a lot of touch-ups due to the aforementioned problems. The instructions don't provide any additional painting instructions, so you'll need to use the box-art as a guide if you want to have an accurate Black Onyx Raiden.

Wave's decals are very thin and flexible, but also fragile. Taking this into account, some of their decalling choices leave me baffled. According to Wave, each shoulder takes a long thin gold line decal that goes entirely around the shoulder, and that needs to be cut up after application. Furthermore, some strangely-shaped decals are to be fit to the exhausts on Raiden's backpack. It's easier to mask off these parts and paint them than to apply the fragile decals (painting also gives a more accurate finishing). Another decal needs to be applied straight over a part that needs to slide out when the lasers are deployed. Wave also forgot to show in the instructions where the long white stripe goes (it goes on the barrel of the bazooka). Incidentally, the decal sheet has decals for different squadrons.

Mini-Z-Gradt with deployed cannon is very small and simple. Just a cute little extra.

Conclusion: Raiden Black Onyx is an okay kit, but it needs some work to look decent."