MBV-04-G Temjin

Painted in one of the alternate color schemes available in the PC version of Operation Moongate.

Review I wrote for the Virtual-On Forum at oratan.com:

"Gods, this kit sucks. Entirely the opposite of Viper II. I understand why Wave later produced an improved version of this kit. If my comments on the Black Onyx Raiden made that kit sound problematic, then this thing comes from the depths of hell...

Nearly all of the parts have either quite a bit of flash (excess plastic), ejector pin marks in the wrong place, holes and dimples where they don't belong (usually in pain-in-the-ass locations), misaligned pegs and peg holes, some other kind of alignment issue, pegs that are too long, or simply don't fit together properly. Nearly every limb half that takes a polycap for a balljoint won't fit together properly with the other limb half. The lower arms are the wrong shape and interfere with Temjin's weapon holding. The feet, ankle guards, upper legs, and arms have a combination of alignment issues and gaps when their halves are pegged together. The lower legs have misaligned pegs and peg holes. The hands have horrible holes and ejector pin marks that will need filling. The two bombs are a nice inclusion, but not when their bottom is hollow and requires filling. The V-converter unit (backpack) fits together very loosily and lacks internal detail. The upper body has one misaligned peg that makes it impossible to attach the upper half of the chest. The head has one of the most stupid assembly designs I've ever seen: the front half of the head is sandwiched between the visor (a translucent part) and the back of the head, and will require glue to remain properly aligned (okay, except that a translucent part is involved, so that complicates things). Temjin's beam rifle has alignment issues and doesn't fit together properly.

I chopped off the following pegs before glueing parts together: all pegs in the lower legs, pegs in shoulder pads, peg in chest. I used as much glue as was possible (without limiting articulation) during assembly. The backpack was so loose I ended up glueing it together in closed position. Test assembly so far has revealed limited articulation in the ankles, interfering parts in the arms, and extremely loose knee joints. Building this kit will take some time to get a good result. It has some good points: choice of two left hands, bombs are included, and it has translucent parts.

However, considering the big, BIG list of issues, I am really wondering if this was Wave's first styrene kit...

So, having finished it, the list of issues continues with knee and elbow joints that have such tight tolerances that the paint will scrape off (and you'll need to paint it) if you move them. The beam launcher fits so tightly against the arm that there's only one position (more or less) in which it will fit, and the hand holding it can't be popped fully into the balljoint. So this kit essentially is fixed pose after completion."