MBV-707-C2 Temjin '97

This kit was released in the late 1990s at WonderFest in Japan, and was obtained via Yahoo! Auctions Japan. This kit's box has some nice graphics compared to most Wonderfest releases.

Instruction sheet:

This is the third resin kit I've built, and one from which I drew some valuable lessons.

The parts were washed in water with degreasing washing liquid and sanded to remove the molding lines. I had to use quite a bit of putty and repeated sanding to get rid of problems caused by misaligned molds. There were also some parts with quite a few air bubbles in difficult places.

Another problem was the beam launcher, which needed straightening. I tried to do this using the hot water method, but no matter whan I tried the part would bend back after cooling down. So I left it like that. Later, after test assembling the kit, I discovered that the bend corresponded perfectly to where the master for this kit should have leaned over and rested on the beam launcher instead of its feet. So the bend is probably in the original molds too. Due to the way the kit is designed this leaning over cannot be avoided. My solution was to put Temjin on a little base, so the beam launcher doesn't touch the ground.

This is the first kit I had to pin with metal rods. The kit helpfully provides pin location marks to indicate where to drill the holes, although some of the marks are just slightly off in their location. Unfortunately I forgot to pin the backpack parts until late in assembly, at which point I discovered the pin location marks in the two raised backpack parts were completely in the wrong location. I only discovered this after drilling the holes and inserting a pin that I couldn't get out again. Temjin is pinned to the base, too.

Holes in the feet to pin Temjin to his base:

I brushed Mr. Surfacer 1000 primer (great stuff, but it seriously reeks) onto the whole kit, but had some problems with bubbles showing up in the primer itself at nasty locations. Next time I'll use another type of brush. The whole kit was hand-painted without masking.

The kit scale is approximately 1/110.

An additional foot is included with the kit's credentials on it.