MBV-04-G Temjin High-end CG ver.

Painted in the Player 1 color scheme.

Review I wrote for the Virtual-On Forum at oratan.com:

"This kit turned out to be less good than my first impressions told me. First, the misaligned pegs strike again: nothing in the legs aligns correctly, and the lower arms were not good either. So I chopped off all the pegs. In the shoulders, the inner pegs cause a misalignment and need to be chopped off (the outer ones are fine). Note that in my eyes a misalignment is already one when the difference is about half a milimeter. Another thing I had not realised is that the newly designed parts do not use any translucent parts anymore, but require the lights to be painted on . The inaccurate backpack is not fixed, and will need glue to keep together if you want to display it in opened state. The disc still lacks a hole in the middle (so I drilled it). The shoulder shape has been improved but still is not accurate, just like the upper part of the chest. The hip pegs seem to be located a bit too far back and are very loose, just like the upper half of the knee joints. Another annoyance is that the lower arms and lower legs are molded in rather dark blue but need to be painted white (Joy...not ). Good points are that the new kit needs less puttying than the old kit (still a lot though), the articulation is generally better with no parts that scrape against each other, and the detail is better than on the original (including detail behind the visor). And they fixed the shape of the lower arms. One thing that surprised me is that this Temjin is slightly shorter than the original Temjin kit. Two bombs are included, like in the old kit."