TRV-06k-H Viper II

Painted in one of the alternate color schemes available in the PC version of Operation Moongate.

Review I wrote for the Virtual-On Forum at

"This kit builds very nicely, and has excellent fit and generally good detail. I glued it together nonetheless, as some parts fit together quite loosily. Only minor sanding is required to get all the glued joints nicely smooth. The kit does not include any translucent parts, and the stickers that are included are very thick and don't stick very well, so it will require painting to look good. I decided to paint the kit in one of the official alternate color schemes (gold and orange), as the default schemes get boring after a while. I still used the stickers that go on the underside of the wings, because masking off the green parts there would have been a pain in the ass due to the shallow panel lines separating those areas from the rest of the wings. Articulation in the legs and arms is so-so, however the wings are properly articulated."